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Ecuador Lawsuit continues to be debated by Shareholders of Chevron – Texaco

New CEO of Chevron Michael Wirth continues with the policy of the former top manager John Watson, aiming at avoiding any responsibility in relation to the legal case that the UDAPT has been carrying out against the oil company for 25 years. However, pressure from the company investors is growing: today, 34% of shareholders supported…

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Open letter to Chevron shareholders about voting at Annual General Meeting 2018 on Item 8 and Item 10

Dear shareholders, On behalf of the Union of People Affected by Chevron-Texaco – UDAPT[i], we reach out to you in view of the upcoming Annual General Meeting of Stockholders of Chevron Corporation to bring to your attention the Stockholder Proposals regarding Independent Chairman and Special Meetings (Proposal 8 and Proposal 10 on the Proxy Card).…

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Call of the People Affected by Texaco to Chevron’s Shareholders

CALL OF THE PEOPLE AFFECTED BY TEXACO TO CHEVRON’S SHAREHOLDERS   On the occasion of the 21st of May, we, the Union of People affected by Chevron-Texaco, representing 30 000 peasants and indigenous belonging to six communities (Ai’Cofan, Kichwa, Huarani, Shuar, Siekopai, and Siona), write to you in the hope that you will hear us…

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