• “Before Texaco came we lived well, and when it contaminated our forests, our lives were affected too.”

    — Luis Payaguaje —

  • “exaco for me was and remains the worst enemy.”

    — Reineira Moreno —
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  • “Pollution left Chevron-Texaco”

    — Texaco Tóxico —
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  • “Before we all lived well, women bathed in our rivers and it never affected us. We lived healthily, but now we are the most affected by being in contact with polluted rivers”

    — Maruja Payaguaje —
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  • “What is the reason for Chevron-Texaco to have a lot of lawyers, paying them so much money instead of fixing the filth that they left here?”

    — Carmen Zambrano —
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  • “We used to drink water of Aguarico River, but now we can not because there is a lot of pollution and people who drunk that water died”

    — Eduardo Chapal —
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