This map of cases of conflict created by Chevron across the five continents has helped to organize resistance work of all kinds, unifying more than 30 affected communities with human rights advocates, activists and organizations in solidarity with various legal battles against the multinational company

The interactive map was developed by ICTA (The Institute of Environmental Science and Technology, at the Autonomous University of Barcelona), A Sud, CDCA (Environmental Conflict Documentation Center), EJAtlas (Environmental Justice Atlas), EJOLT (Environmental Justice Organizations, Liabilities and Trade), and UDAPT (Union of People Affected by Texaco/Chevron). The map collects verified data of the damage caused by the oil company through its practices employed for crude oil extraction, gas exploitation and fracking, among others, and its tax evasion. The data displays an irresponsible behavioral pattern by the corporation and a disregard by its executives to right its wrongs.

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mapa contaminación


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