21 May International

On the occasion of 21st May #AntiChevron Global Day of Action more than 280 organizations, networks, Unions and movements worldwide, in representation of more than 280 millions of people, are addressing this letter to the Ecuadorian Government on the Chevron case.
Available in EnglishSpanishPortugueseItalianGermanCatalan and French.

Download the flyer here

How can you support?

  • – Print the letter that will be published will all the endorsements at this link: http://www.udapt.org/21-mayo-2019/ and deliver it to the nearest Ecuadorian Embassy or Consulate.
  • Take a picture and spread it using #AntiChevron
  • – Do any other solidarity peaceful demonstration in front of the corporations or banks linked to Chevron. See the list here.
  • – Support by social networks using #AntiChevron #StopISDS #BindingTreaty
  • – Follow here the mobilisation in Ecuador (in Spanish): http://www.udapt.org/21-mayo-2019
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