On the occasion of the 21st of May, we, the Union of People affected by Chevron-Texaco, representing 30 000 peasants and indigenous belonging to six communities (Ai’Cofan, Kichwa, Huarani, Shuar, Siekopai, and Siona), write to you in the hope that you will hear us and support our search for justice and reparation. We call upon you to respect our rights as human beings, to protect our and also your future generations.


More than 50 years have passed since Texaco began its oil operations in our lands. Using obsolete technologies in order to minimize its costs, Texaco poured 650,000 crude oil barrels and dumped more than 16 billion gallons of toxic oil sludge in the rivers and soils. Given the magnitude of the damage, this disaster has become famous as one of the most important pollutions in the world caused by industrial activities.


Chevron’s management has told you that Texaco has cleaned our lands and rivers, that our lawsuit is a fraud and that our plaintiffs are just « so-called plaintiffs ». What we can assert is that no adequate clean-up was realized, and that we keep dying due to the impact of the toxic waste that continue to pollute our lands.


There is no reparation. People from all over the world have come to our territories and can testify Texaco huge contamination. They have seen it with their own eyes. The lawsuit is not a fraud, as declared by Chevron’s directors, who promised the judges of the United States of America to respect the judgment of the Ecuadorian courts. Still, as the Ecuadorian judges condemned Chevron to pay 9.5 billion dollars, the company refused to comply. Our plaintiffs are not just names, they exist and we invite you to come to Ecuador to speak with them and to see our contaminated lands and rivers. You will also note that the contamination spreads continuously: every year of justice denial brings more sickness and death among our people, and the toxic waters still flow in the rivers and soils severely affecting our Amazon.


It is now 25 years since we filed the lawsuit against Texaco in New York. During all these years we have raised our voice all over the world. Nobel Prize winners and other famous personalities expressed their solidarity. We joined hundreds of organizations working on a binding instrument for transnational companies to respect human rights in the Council of Human Rights of the United Nations, where the Chevron case has become the emblematic example for corporate impunity worldwide.       
In these years of litigation, while we proved that Chevron was accountable of this environmental crime, the company spent more than 2 billion US dollars to deny our rights. The world is judging Chevron for its attempt to deny our claims and to avoid resolving other conflicts in the world. Despite all the means employed by Chevron not to comply with the Ecuadorian verdict, the judges in Canada recognized our claim to be a litigation of public interest.


We will never stop to claim our rights worldwide till we obtain justice. We will not bear that our children continue to be born in a contaminated environment and have to face sickness and death, because Chevron refuses to pay. We will no longer bear to see our livelihoods destroyed. We will not give up our rights to live in peace and dignity in a healthy environment.


In this perspective, we call upon you in view of the upcoming Annual Meeting of Chevron Shareholders to vote in favor of the resolutions aiming to improve the governance of the company and the practices of environmental justice, in particular concerning the Special meetings which will help the shareholders to obtain correct and complete information about the company’s operations, such as those that polluted the Ecuadorian Amazon.


We are grateful to all the shareholders who recognized our claim and who have taken on the commitment to respect our rights and support us in our search for reparation and justice.


Willian Lucitante Criollo

Executive Coordinator of the Union of people affected by the oil operations of Texaco (now Chevron)


Quito, 21st of May 2018






Contacts: Unión de Afectados y Afectadas por las Operaciones de Texaco (UDAPT)

Quito Ecuador

Phone: (+593) 2 273533. Email:

María Eugenia Garcés: (+593) 999225516

Contacts: Unión de Afectados y Afectadas por las Operaciones de Texaco (UDAPT)

Quito Ecuador

Tél.: (+593) 2 273533,

Courriel :

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