The Union of the people Affected by Texaco, today May 21, publishes the map in which the communities affected by the oil company in the Ecuadorian Amazon are georeferenced. The map shows the existence of affected people and, as a consequence, the legitimacy of the organization that, for more than 24 years, has carried out the trial against the oil company.


Today UDAPT and a group of organizations worldwide, make public the map of the people Affected by Chevron in Ecuador, which have been georeferenced thanks to the effort of the UDAPT (Union of Affected by Texaco). In this map, the populations impacted by the oil company’s bad operations can be easily located. The areas evidenced correspond to those that have to be remedied according to the sentence imposed in the three Ecuadorian judicial instances, which amount to more than 9.500 million dollars.


As can be seen in this interactive instrument, firstly have been evidenced the characteristics of the affected populations. This effort to register, in a territorial and graphic way, the magnitude of the damage will be completed in the following months with detailed information on pollution level with the data that are already available in the reports carried out during the judicial process.


In this judgment, considered the most important one in environmental matters on an international level, 160 expert reports were included, 60 of them paid by the oil company itself, more than 80 thousand chemical results of soil and water samples, 40 testimonies of residents and verifications of field conducted by the judges who knew the case. Most values ​​presented by the experts paid by Chevron, determine the existence of pollution levels, higher than those allowed by national standards. This is despite the fact that the samples taken by them were taken from places far away from the sources of contamination.


This map is essential to understand the dimensions of human rights violations in the different instances of the case. Above all, for the importance of the case in the global campaigns against corporate impunity and the attempts of the civil society of the world to approve in the United Nations a binding instrument to stop the corporate abuse in the matter of human rights. Through this tool, Ecuadorians affected by the oil operations of Texaco hope that this story will not happen again.


As part of May 21, a public letter will also be presented, from Ecuador and replicated worldwide, addressed to the shareholders of Chevron, in order to demonstrate their integrity and demand that company executives cease violations of the human rights of the people of Ecuador. We ask them to allow, through the payment of the amount of the sentence, to begin immediately the repair of the contaminated areas, which exceed the 480 thousand hectares in the provinces of Orellana and Sucumbíos.

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