Sherpa, a French organization of lawyers that litigated human rights cases all over the world, delivered an Amicus Curiae before the International Penal Court, in order to analyze the given demand from the Ecuadorians against the CEO of Chevron.


Quito, November 15th 2016.- As “an excellent opportunity to guarantee access to justice for communities affected by the multinational companies” stated Marie-Laure Guislain, responsible for the Sherpa Globalization and Human Rights program, the case that follows the Ecuadorians affected by Chevron, before the International Penal Court.


These declarations gave a proposal in the delivery of Amicus Curiae as part of the Sherpa Association which was founded in 1901 in Paris, France and since 2001 has decided to defend the victims of economic criminals in diverse parts of the world. Sherpa consists of legal experts that work with civil society organizations.


This document is rooted in the historical resolution dictated by CPI on September 15th 2016, which extended their competence in environmental criminals. This decision is part of the ask of Sherpa in order to try the perpetual multinational company criminals; and in the specific case, the tasks of the CEO of Chevron are against the Ecuadorians. ´´The case of Chevron is represented so that the International Penal Court achieves their task of trying the environmental criminals´´, states Marie-Laure Guislain. In the content of Amicus, the lawyers emphasize that the demandants do not have an effective sentence emitted by the Ecuadorian Administration of Justice, which weighs on the litigations which remain in Canada, Brazil, and Argentina and are not part of the CPI and appealed October 24th 2014, without the district attorney’s office performing a an investigation over this case. Marie-Laure Guislain will talk about about this context of this legal battle, that revealed the bases of the economic system, of the multinational companies, and the legal international system, on a round table organized by the Bureau Européen de l’environnement (BEE) in collaboration with the Roma Club and Crowd Versus de Bruxelles , in order to debate the existing legal instruments and possibilities to access justice in relation with the responsibility of multinational companies in the context of environmental and human rights criminals. In the event that they carry through on November 17th, they analyze other current cases that involve European multinational companies.






Contacts: Unión de Afectados y Afectadas por las Operaciones de Texaco (UDAPT)

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