Fraudulent Actions of Chevron

Chevron took advantage of all possible opportunities to try to stop the lawsuit filed by the indigenous and settler residents of the Orellana and Sucumbíos provinces. The company did not hesitate to act fraudulently. Chevron bought off laboratories and governments, planted false technical reports in order to search in advance for uncontaminated sites to later inspect, and even paid an ex-judge, Alberto Guerra, to fabricate the story that he had written the Ecuadorian judgment, suggesting that he and the plaintiffs had written the judgment for Judge Nicolas Zambrano. Chevron has spent billions of dollars to propagate these lies.

For instance, Guerra now lives in the United States, protected by Chevron. Still, expert technical reports have disproven Guerra´s story and he himself has since sworn under testimony in the United States that he lied about the ghost-written judgment in order to receive money from Chevron.

Nevertheless, the oil company continues to uphold Guerra as its star witness.

Read the affidavit of Nicolas Zambrano: Declaración juramentada Augusto Zambrano

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